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Sean Cook Studio

Our Acting Training

Classes with Sean Cook promote an environment of shared work centered on visual storytelling, passion, collaboration, and a sense of play. Each class affords the opportunity to grow with like-minded actors, making meaningful strides for acting on camera, co-star auditions, advanced film and television scene study, acting techniques, and more. Actors will gain holistic understanding and learn to leverage the most authentic version of themselves.

Please note, all classes are currently being conducted online.

Sean Cook’s depth of experience in workshop collaborations has taken him from Western Washington to Pennsylvania (with the Pittsburg Music Makers) and everywhere in-between. He develops each workshop curriculum using diverse methodologies, underpinned by his formal (MFA in Performance Pedagogy) and professional training. In turn, workshops are tailored to the unique needs and learning preferences of each organization or group with whom he collaborates. Sean has deep expertise in on-camera acting, technique training, intimacy coaching and choreography, psychophysical technique, and more. As a result, groups gain real value: increased knowledge as well as practical skills to bring into their creative and professional lives.

With options available for 1, 5, or 10 coaching sessions, Sean Cook takes a goal-oriented approach to teaching focused on helping you meet and exceed your goals. Sean is an exceptional mentor and resource who can help you create personalized marketing packages for agency or manager submissions, build audition skills, and more. He bases instruction on each actor's personal archetype, equipping them with all the tools they need for success. Via Sean’s comprehensive background, clients can expect to embody a deeper emotional connection to their work, enabling them to showcase their stories through physical expression.


Sean also specializes in BFA and MFA research and preparation, bringing an in-depth understanding of academia linked directly to his Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Performance Pedagogy, enabling him to effectively mentor both undergraduate and graduate students. 

Please note, one-time classes are available for individuals seeking to polish their audition. 


Our Studio

Good Vibes

Sean Cook balances compassion and encouragement with client accountability for an enjoyable process that yields real results. His authentic personality is woven into the fabric of his studio, where actor empowerment is the key to success. Hierarchies simply have no place within Sean’s studio. The studio instead features a culture of positivity, enlightenment, and self-development. Sean not only provides actors with techniques and skills needed to succeed within BFA or MFA programs, but also encourages discussion surrounding the craft of acting. 


Sean believes in the power of positive influence, and self growth is a top priority within the studio. Students are encouraged to come as they are: offering only the truest, most authentic version of their personalities and skillsets. As a result, students gain invaluable understanding by surrounding themselves with individuals who have learned to discuss not only what they are seeing, but also how the actor is achieving the desired outcome . Throughout the process, students are encouraged to add to their repertoires, building on the best and brightest aspects that make them unique. 


An aura of trust, positivity, and energy is ever-present in the studio. Actors are empowered to take risks, practice openness, and support one another. Sean’s exclusively positive focus ensures a safe creative space, where there is only room for self-growth and discovery. 

Our Alumni


Finley R

Meeting Sean Cook was one of the best things that has ever happened to me as an actor. He's been invaluable in helping me launch my acting career. From his thoughtful, intuitive coaching to his business advice, he's helped me navigate an industry that can be difficult to crack. Sean upped my acting game significantly with insightful direction and then helped me translate that into a submission-ready reel. We worked together to create a complete marketing package that I feel 100% confident sending to agents. With his extensive experience, he's helped me understand the business side of the industry so that I can present myself in the most informed and professional way and walk into every opportunity well prepared. I genuinely couldn't have gotten where I am without Sean's guidance. I look forward to working with him in the future, and I highly recommend him to any actor--whether just starting out or already established--who's looking to take their career to the next level. 


Finley Riter Headshot Option 3.jpg
Film Slate Marker

Jeremy ReoNason

I have taken the equivalent of a year's worth of collegiate level classes with Sean as my instructor, and I can say with absolute certainty that he has been the most effective coach that I have worked with. Sean applies his years of education and practice to every lesson and has gone out of his way to learn a wide range of methods to further heighten his students’ potential. Whether your preference is stage acting or performing on camera, Sean has the invaluable knowledge that will help you become confident in embodying your character. I have applied his techniques to every one of my performances with nothing but outstanding results. Not only is his instruction spot on, his personality makes learning from him an enjoyable experience. Sean is always in a good mood and shares his positive vibes openly, both in casual conversation and in rehearsal. I can’t recall a time when I felt like he gave me a criticism that came across as hurtful or unproductive. Any tip or trick he proposed inevitably showed me something new about my character that I wouldn't have thought of otherwise. Sean's insight into character development and presentation is invaluable. I wouldn’t hesitate to send anyone his way!

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