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Sean Cook


As a professional actor in both SAG-AFTRA and Actor’s Equity since 2007, Sean Cook has touched virtually every aspect of the industry. Sean has worked throughout Los Angeles with some of the industry’s most respected studios, including Groundlings Theatre & School, Upright Citizens Brigade, Lesly Kahn & Co, John Rosenfeld Studios, Sam Christensen Studios, and more. His Master of Fine Arts in Performance Pedagogy is further testament to his professional commitment to excellence and academic prowess. 


Trust, positive reinforcement, and compassion are the principles by which Sean lives. He works diligently to create a curriculum in which his students are encouraged to take risks, release long-standing self-doubt, and develop a newfound awareness for who each is as an actor. Sean makes feedback and communication a priority throughout his instruction and mentorship, readily supporting student development and achievement. 


Over the years, Sean has had the opportunity to work with A-list celebrities, such as Seth MacFarlane, Antonio Banderas, Jon Favreau, and Jimmi Simpson, among others. 

He additionally has experience with cable and network television, short films, digital media, and feature films. He also proudly embraces opportunities in commercial work and on stage. His versatile skillset enables his effective coaching of transitioning actors (from film or television to the stage and vice versa). 


After having trained with the Michael Chekhov Association as both an actor and educator to learn psychophysical action principles, Sean is in a unique position to apply psychophysical techniques beyond the stage. Recently, Sean has been developing innovative ways to apply these techniques to film and television. 


Action-oriented himself, Sean works seamlessly with like-minded individuals who create their own opportunities via proactive decision and movement. His lessons are designed to answer core questions such as: what to be doing, where to go next, and how to train. By encouraging a positive, introspective, and nurturing environment, Sean creates a space centered around real development for each of his students. 


For questions or inquiries, Sean is best reached via his contact page.

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